Dr. Erica Zelfand



During your/your child's visit we will drink tea, laugh, and speak plain English (not medical). As a graduate of an accredited medical school trained in functional medicine, my skill set draws from the best of both conventional medicine as well as natural therapies. I am here to educate, serve, and empower YOU and your family. The care I provide and my down-to-earth attitude is refreshingly different than what you'll find at another doctor's office. My patients appreciate my upbeat personality and ability to inspire. Clinically, I've cracked cases that've stumped endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, and rheumatologists. I've helped people recover from "incurable" conditions. I've responsibly gotten numerous patients off of the medications they were told they'd need to take forever. And when I don't know something, I research the heck out of it. I provide both general primary care services and speciality care. I love treating babies, children, adolescents, adults, and elders alike. I believe the doctor/patient relationship is important, and for this reason I invite you to visit my website and schedule a FREE meet-and-greet in person.
Family Medicine
Women's Health
Digestive disorders
Chronic illness
Internal Medicine
Neuraltherpy & Neuralprolotherapy
Years of Experience
4 years in practice
Bills Health Insurance
Out of Network Only. Payment due in full at time of service, and Superbills submitted. Insurance then reimburses the patient directly per out of network benefit.
New Patient Office Visit - $170 - 60 minutes
Return Patient Office Visit - $155 - 45 minutes
Annual Well Woman Exam - $170 - 60 minutes
Pelvic floor physical therapy - $125 - 30 minutes
Neural & Neuraltherapy (plus cost of supplies) - $75 - 15 minutes


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